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Should You Ask For a Prenuptial Agreement?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Uncategorized

New Jersey readers who are currently considering marrying their partners no doubt understand the importance of clear communication in a relationship. While a pair of spouses might have different styles of communicating their thoughts and emotions, what matters most is that they understand each other and are able to work together to express their needs and nurture their relationship. In determining whether a prenuptial agreement should be part of the plan, it’s helpful to think of a prenup as a valuable communication tool.  

A Detailed Written Agreement Serves Multiple Purposes 

Perhaps a person has amassed wealth as a business owner before getting married. He or she may wish to retain separate ownership of certain assets that would not be subject to division if a marriage were to end in divorce. On the other hand, a thoroughly written prenup can protect a spouse from debt that his or her partner incurred before the wedding day, such as a college loan or mortgage on a home in a previous marriage.  

An Initial Investment With Long-term Benefits 

The decision to get married is one of the most important experiences a person can have in life. Signing a prenuptial agreement demonstrates an ability to think and plan ahead — two attributes that are helpful in marriage, especially regarding finances and business ventures. Taking time at the start to write out clear terms of agreement can save time and money down the line if the relationship does not work out as a couple had hoped it would.  

How to Know What to Write in a Prenuptial Agreement 

It’s helpful for people in this state to speak to a New Jersey family law attorney before signing a prenuptial agreement. Such an attorney can ask questions regarding a person’s specific goals in drafting a prenup and can make recommendations as to the exact terminology to use in a written agreement to accomplish those goals. An attorney is also a great asset to have on hand if a person who signs a prenup later encounters challenges regarding validity in a divorce.