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How to Avoid Child Custody Fights During Holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2021 | Uncategorized

As many New Jersey parents can attest, divorce disrupts children’s lives. However, many parents would also agree that careful planning, in addition to cooperation between parents, can help keep stress levels low and provide children with the skills they need to cope with the changes in their lives. The holiday season is just around the corner, which can be stressful for any family but especially for those who have recently navigated or are preparing to go through a divorce. Avoiding child custody fights during a holiday season can help families enjoy festivities without legal problems putting a damper on things.  

A Key To Avoiding Child Custody Disputes Lies in the Details 

A concerned parent who is worried about child custody issues during the holidays after a divorce can incorporate specific terms of agreement into a co-parenting plan to help avoid problems. Spelling it all out in writing leaves little room for confusion or dispute. A parent can write out an entire holiday schedule, including where kids where stay, who will drive them here or there and who will finance gift-giving and other holiday expenses, etc.  

Use Apps and Other Online Resources to Avoid Child Custody Problems 

Especially if two parents tend to argue when they are together in person, taking advantage of advanced technology resources can help keep the peace during between co-parents during the holidays. Cellphone apps, virtual chat software and other electronic means helps parents keep clear lines of communication open without having to have stressful conversations in person. Parents can provide kids with apps for scheduling, as well, so everyone has access to the same digital calendar with all holiday events filled in.  

A Smooth Holiday Season After a Divorce Requires Co-Parent Cooperation 

A parent can make the best use of resources and still encounter child custody problems if the co-parent refuses to cooperate. This can be annoying and intensify holiday stress. It can also spark serious legal problems that are difficult to resolve without the court’s intervention. If a problem arises, it is a good idea to request a meeting with an experienced New Jersey family law attorney because the sooner the issue is resolved, the sooner the parent in question and his or her children can get back to enjoying their holidays.