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Did author Dan Brown try to hide assets?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Uncategorized

Dan Brown is one of the top-selling authors of all time. Many fans of his work in New Jersey and throughout the country closely followed stories of his divorce in 2019. Now, several years later, there are still unresolved issues regarding equitable distribution of assets. Namely, Brown’s ex says he purposely understated assets by concealing the true worth of future projects he was working on at the time.  

Blythe Brown alleges that her former spouse hid millions 

Brown’s ex, Blythe Brown, informed the court that the author intentionally listed the value of the projects he was working on for millions less than he knew they were worth. She has since requested triple that amount. She has also asked that court order her former husband to pay all of her legal fees.  

Dan Brown signed an affidavit 

Blythe Brown noted that, when she and Dan Brown were navigating their divorce, he signed an affidavit indicating that he was not working on any future projects when, in fact, he was well aware of several projects in the works. Attorneys working for Blythe Brown were able to access emails and other documents by subpoena that allegedly proves Dan Brown had several projects in progress at that time.  

Dan Brown fires back 

Brown has stated that one of the projects he was working on was self-funded, which is why he did not list it in the affidavit. He has lamented that his ex is trying to ruin his career because his success contributed to the demise of their marriage. It can take weeks, sometimes months or years for a family court judge to sort through evidence and make decisions when one spouse accuses the other of hiding assets. To protect financial interests, it is always best to act alongside an experienced family law attorney in court.