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Avoid back-to-school child custody stress

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Uncategorized

Many New Jersey parents are currently helping their children gear up for a new school year. For those who have recently navigated a divorce, there are several important issues that must be resolved regarding child custody in order to avoid complications and stress when kids return to their classrooms. Two priority topics are physical custody and legal custody, the latter referring to the authority to make decisions on behalf of a child, the former referring to where a child lives after his or her parents finalize a divorce.  

A co-parenting plan can be customized to help avoid problems 

Like the court, parents who divorce can make decisions based on what is best for their children. The back-to-school season can be stressful even for married couples with children. For a parent who is navigating divorce, it is helpful to think and plan ahead to avoid legal complications. For instance, terms of agreement might include instructions regarding which parent will purchase school supplies, whether or not both parents will attend teacher conferences and special events or whether a schedule for alternating turns is implemented. 

Establishing a routine helps the whole family thrive 

It is helpful to establish as much of a routine as possible as kids return to school after their parents’ divorce. It is also a good idea to have kids keep a journal or notebook containing all contact numbers and information, especially regarding emergency contacts, as well as anyone who has permission to pick them up or drop them off at school or events. If parents are willing to cooperate and work together as a team, there is no reason kids cannot have a successful back-to-school season after a divorce.  

A strong support network can help kids have a peaceful back-to-school season 

Divorce is never easy, but it does not necessarily have to ruin kids’ lives. If a concerned parent knows where to reach out for support if a problem arises, especially a legal issue, it makes a post-divorce lifestyle, as well as the back-to-school season, less stressful. If a former spouse is causing problems by disregarding a court order, the judge overseeing the case may hold him or her in contempt of court.