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Can a divorce party help to find closure?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2021 | Uncategorized

Life is a series of changing events. If divorce happens to be part of the changes in a particular New Jersey resident’s life, he or she may encounter emotional, financial or legal challenges while navigating the family justice system. People are often caught off-guard by their own emotions in divorce. Even when someone has filed a petition, he or she might still experience sorrow or grief over the end of a relationship.

Divorce parties are trending throughout the country. Those who have hosted them often say they chose to do so in order to feel confident about their decisions and to try to move on in life with a positive attitude. There are numerous themes that are reportedly common to feature at a divorce party. For instance, many women host movies nights with their closest friends, watching films that they consider to be empowering.

Those who feel like they can benefit from the advice and wisdom of others have hosted party activities that include each guest writing a note on a whiteboard or in a journal to share words of inspiration, encouragement and practical tips. The idea of hosting a divorce party is not to mock one’s ex, especially in situations where children are involved. Rather, it is a means of coming to terms with life changes and moving forward with a positive mindset. Some people, however, do like to add a bit of levity to their celebrations, such as by serving drinks with comical names such as “So Long Island Iced Tea.”

Creating a vision board is another popular divorce party activity. This is where the host uses magazine pictures and other art supplies to create a board that illustrates specific goals and dreams that he or she has going forward. Hosting a divorce party is one of many ways a person navigating the process can find support; it is also helpful to tap into resources for counseling, financial advice or legal advocacy as needed.