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Prenuptial agreements: Consider the facts

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Uncategorized

When two people make plans to marry, they are likely to have a few things in common. While many people believe that opposites attract when it comes to romance, it is typical that an engaged couple would share common beliefs, lifestyle preferences or other issues in common. Regarding prenuptial agreements, some think they are a great idea while others in New Jersey might hesitate to sign one for any number of reasons.

Often, a person who frowns upon the idea of signing a prenup may have been given the impression that doing so is unromantic or that it means the other partner lacks trust in the relationship. Wanting to sign a prenuptial agreement does not necessarily mean either of these things. In fact, many people have found these marital contracts to be beneficial in several ways.

Reasons prenuptial agreements are often a good idea

Signing a prenuptial agreement can benefit a soon-to-be married couple in several ways:

  • Helps protect inheritance rights
  • Protects business interests
  • Protects against assuming a partner’s debt
  • Compensates a person who has sacrificed a career in marriage

Marriage is an intensely personal union; however, many people find it helpful to also look at it with a business approach, especially if one or both parties possess or is likely to acquire substantial wealth.

A New Jersey couple is never obligated to sign a prenuptial agreement. Like marriage, signing such an agreement is a personal decision for both parties. It is helpful to discuss the potential benefits or downsides of a prenup with someone who is well-versed in such issues, such as an experienced family law attorney, who can help determine if signing an agreement would be a good fit for a specific situation.