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Counteracting a spouse’s nasty tactics in divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

When a New Jersey married couple files a petition in court to dissolve their marriage, it activates a series of decisions that must be made. To finalize a divorce in a swift, fair and amicable fashion, both sides must play by the rules. What should a spouse do if his or her partner is using mean-spirited or illegal tactics to gain the upper hand during proceedings?

Obtaining a fair settlement is a reasonable expectation in divorce. A spouse who is angry at an ex because of a disagreement on a specific issue might try to bait him or her into agreeing by resorting to certain tactics. For instance, if a pair of spouses privately agrees to seek shared custody of their kids, then one of the spouses suddenly files a petition for sole or primary custody, it might have something to do with trying to force the co-parent to agree to the other issue.

Another nasty tactic many spouses use in divorce is to hide assets, which is illegal. If a concerned spouse suspects this type of behavior, it’s a good idea to immediately investigate the issue. A jointly owned bank account with money missing from it would be a typical red flag suggesting someone is trying to stash cash before property division proceedings begin.

Full disclosure of assets and liabilities and overall fairness are essential components of a New Jersey divorce. If a spouse is trying to undermine the rights of the other or is using child custody issues as a ploy, etc., the affected spouse can bring the matter to the court’s attention. A judge overseeing a divorce case isn’t going to look favorably on someone who is disregarding the rules or trying to beat the system.