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Keep this in mind before child custody proceedings

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

Divorce can be challenging and stressful. It is understandable that a North Carolina parent headed for child custody proceedings would want to be as prepared as possible. Especially if a concerned parent anticipates legal obstacles in court, it is important to know where to seek additional support as needed.

A key to successful and peaceful co-parenting is to maintain mutual respect and co-operation between parents. While two spouses with children may want to divorce, they will always have reason to interact. Such interaction will be a lot less stressful if the parents in question agree to avoid confrontation as much as possible, including during child custody proceedings.

If there is going to be litigation, a parent striving for a favorable outcome in court will want to remember that appearances matter. It is best to dress in casual business style clothing. It is also important to demonstrate proper etiquette in a courtroom, which is why it is helpful to act alongside experienced legal representation, especially if the parents involved have a contentious relationship.

A North Carolina parent who is navigating child custody proceedings will want to seek clarification of state guidelines and laws that govern such matters before heading to court. An experienced family law attorney can provide much needed information and can also make recommendations as to what might be a best course of action in a particular set of circumstances. In certain cases, if a parent believes a specific court ruling is unfair, an attorney can help pursue an appeal to a higher court.