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Is mediation a viable option in your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Uncategorized

No matter what events or issues prompt a spouse to end a marriage, he or she might want to find a way to achieve a settlement in a swift, financially feasible fashion. In fact, many New Jersey spouses choose alternate forms of dispute resolution so they may never even have to go to court to finalize their divorce. Mediation is a viable option when spouses are able to peacefully negotiate terms of agreement.

Children often adapt to new lifestyles after divorce more easily when they see their parents’ willingness to work as a team to create co-parenting plans, divide marital property and resolve other issues. If finances are a main concern, mediation is typically much less expensive than litigation. It’s also more private.

A courtroom is a public place while mediation sessions take place in a confidential setting outside the court. It also usually takes less time to work out terms of an agreement this way rather than getting locked into a drawn-out court battle. Spouses must agree ahead of time to avoid confrontation and to limit discussions to pertinent issues that directly relate to divorce settlement, so it is not the time or place to rehash old marital problems.

Mediation does not always work. If necessary, a case can transfer to litigation. An experienced family law attorney can explain the mediation process in more depth, and can provide support to any spouse who wishes to pursue this as an option in divorce. If a spouse’s main goals include saving time and money, as well as avoiding confrontation, then mediation might be the best way to go.