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Issues that often prompt divorce in New jersey

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

In New Jersey and across the country, no two marriages are exactly the same. Numerous factors from within a household, as well as externally, can affect a couple’s relationship. What becomes a serious issue in one marriage may not be as problematic in another. There are several factors, however, that studies show most often lead to divorce.

While the saying that “opposites attract” might be true in many cases, it is also true that many spouses file for divorce because they feel a lack of companionship in their marriages.  When a spouse feels that his or her partner is no longer compatible, he or she may decide to part ways rather than stay in an unhappy relationship. Lack of commitment has been responsible for the end of many marriages as well.

Such issues typically build up over time, perhaps coming to a head when one or the other spouse determines that the problems in the marriage are not able to be resolved. In some cases, however, a single issue or event may unexpectedly occur that causes permanent damage to a marriage. For instance, if a spouse engages in an affair or acts dishonestly with money, causing a serious financial crisis, the other spouse might consider it a final straw.

Divorce rates have gone down in New Jersey and throughout the country in recent years. This does not guarantee that a particular marriage will always be able to withstand the problems that arise between spouses. A spouse considering filing for divorce need not hesitate to reach out for additional support, especially regarding any number of legal issues that may have a significant impact on his or her circumstances.